Prescription Services

With three pharmacists on staff, service at Community Care Pharmacy is always quick and efficient. All staff members are trained to fill prescriptions within five to ten minutes of their arrival. When problems with prescriptions arise, Community Care pharmacists work diligently with doctors and insurance companies to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Community Care Pharmacy also offers the most competitive prices in the Hudson Valley area for customers who do not have insurance coverage. In addition to regular hard copy prescriptions, Community Care Pharmacy accepts phoned in, faxed, and electronic prescriptions from doctor’s offices. Refills can be requested by phone, but Community Care Pharmacy also offers an automatic refill service, meaning a patient can request to have all refills done when they come due. If the pharmacy does not have a certain medication in stock, it can be ordered for the patient and usually arrives within one business day. Compounding services are also available for patients that have difficulty swallowing pills or who need a custom-­made medication.

Prescription Counseling

Community Care pharmacists offer all patients the attention that they deserve. Pharmacists are attentive to patient’s questions and are always happy to answer any questions or provide printed information regarding prescription medications and their side effects.

Additionally, since a pharmacist is available from 9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. every day, patients are encouraged to call Community Care Pharmacy with any additional questions. Community Care pharmacists are also available and trained to answer customer’s questions about over the counter medications and vitamins.

Delivery Service

Community Care Pharmacy delivers both prescription medications and durable medical equipment to customers daily at no charge.

The pharmacy has a designated and fully trained delivery person on staff at all times. Deliveries are made on an as needed basis throughout the day. Once deliveries are made, the trained staff member is available to answer any questions that customers may have about the products.

Nursing Home Experience

In the past, Community Care Pharmacy has serviced several nursing home and assisted living facilities, making daily deliveries, taking regular orders of both prescription and home health care items, and providing invoices. Because the pharmacy is well staffed and strives for complete customer satisfaction, it is able to handle the large quantity of prescription and medical needs that a nursing home or assisted living facility requires every day.

Home Health Care Services

Community Care Pharmacy offers one of the Hudson Valley’s most extensive collections of home health care products.

Known for the high quality of its products, excellent service, and knowledgeable staff, Community Care Pharmacy is highly recommended by doctors and welcomes new customers on a daily basis. Items that cannot be found in the store can usually be ordered and delivered to the pharmacy by the following day. Community Care Pharmacy staff members are trained to fit patients for products if necessary, ensuring the patient’s comfort and contentment with his or her purchases.

Additional Services

Community Care Pharmacy also offers services outside of health care like lotto, copy and fax services. We even serve as a notary public. All of these services can be done with only one stop to Community Care Pharmacy so you won’t have to bother with going anywhere else.